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Product Application & Usage

Waste Water Management Industry

Alum is an effective coagulant in wastewater treatment. It aids in the precipitation and removal of impurities, making it easier to achieve clean and compliant effluents. Ambica Chemicals Industries Aluminum Sulphate is widely used in water treatment processes to clarify and purify drinking water and wastewater, ensuring safe and clean water for communities.

Pulp and Paper Industry

Alum is used for pH control. It helps maintain the optimal pH levels required for various stages of the paper manufacturing process. Our Aluminum Sulphate is an essential component for paper production, aiding in the clarification and sizing of paper pulp.

Textile Industry

Alum is used as a mordant to enhance the fixation of dyes on fabrics, ensuring a lasting and vibrant color in textile products. In the textile sector, our product is utilized for dye fixation and color retention in fabric and garment production.

Construction Industry

The construction industry plays a pivotal role in shaping urban landscapes and infrastructure, driving economic growth and development. Ambica Chemicals Industries provides Aluminum Sulphate for adjusting the pH levels in construction materials and improving the setting of concrete.

Pharma Industry

Alum is employed in processes where a high level of purity is required. It contributes to the overall quality and consistency of pharmaceutical products. In pharmaceuticals, our Aluminum Sulphate finds applications in the manufacturing of medicines, where it acts as a coagulant and clarifying agent.

Agro Industry

Alum is used in the agro industry to modify soil pH. It helps in creating an optimal pH environment for plant growth and enhances the availability of nutrients in the soil. Farmers benefit from our products as they are employed to lower soil pH levels and enhance the growth of certain crops in agriculture.

Detergents Industry

The detergent industry plays a crucial role in providing cleaning solutions for various applications. From household laundry detergents to industrial cleaning agents, this sector is characterized by constant innovation and a focus on sustainability.

Dental Grade Cleaning

Alum is utilized in dental-grade cleaning solutions for its sterilizing properties. It contributes to the overall hygiene and safety of dental instruments.

Pigment Industry

Alum is a key component in pigment manufacturing. It improves the color intensity, stability, and dispersion of pigments, ensuring high-quality and long-lasting color in various applications.

Automotive industry

Alum has various uses in the field of Automative Industry. The automotive industry continues to evolve with advancements in electric vehicles, autonomous technology, and sustainable manufacturing, reshaping the future of transportation.

Leather Industry

Alum is used as a Tanning Agent in Leather Industry. The leather industry involves the processing of animal hides to produce various leather products, contributing significantly to fashion, upholstery, and accessory markets. 

Sugar Industry

Alum has vital role in the field of sugar manufacturing. The sugar industry is a major agricultural sector involved in the cultivation and processing of sugar cane or sugar beets to produce sugar for various food and beverage applications.

Aluminium Silicate Industry

Alum is a key component in Aluminium silicate industry since the aluminum silicate sector produces essential materials for diverse applications, including ceramics and refractories. With its high thermal stability and insulation properties, Alum is used in the Manufacturing of Aluminium Triacetate & Aluminium Sulphacetate

Textile Effluent Treatment

We offer Alum solutions for treating effluents from textile industries, helping to reduce environmental impact and comply with regulations.

Industrial Effluent Treatment

Our Alum is an effective choice for treating industrial effluents across various sectors, ensuring environmental responsibility.

Dyeing and Tanning

Alum plays a crucial role in the dyeing and tanning industries, aiding in the fixation of dyes and the treatment of leather.